Useful Links

Imagine Canada

Imagine Canada offers programs and provide resources that help strengthen charities and their operations, so they can, in turn, support the communities they serve.

The Community Network Group (Edmonton Canada)

TCNG is about information on employment opportunities, workshops, seminars, health & wellness retreats, and special events in the non-profit sector in Edmonton & beyond. We also run a by-weekly Infomail © Newsletter reaching a large number of subscribers in Edmonton, metro area & other communities in Alberta.

Canadian Volunteers United in Action society (CANAVUA)

Canadian Volunteers United in Action society (CANAVUA) has a philanthropic nature: this organization is run by volunteers.
Solidarity is the guiding principle behind all the support and coordination activities.

CANAVUA makes the connection between mission-demanding volunteers and organizations seeking for volunteers much easier. We recruit, train volunteers and then place them into missions we previously identified with our partners (Community organizations, hospitals, authorities, associations, companies…).

Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (ECVO)

The Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations, commonly known as ECVO, consists of a small group of dedicated professionals who support and advocate for the nonprofit and charitable sector in the Alberta Capital Region. You can look to us for advisory services; training and professional development opportunities; news and resources from local, national and international nonprofit organizations; networking events and consultation on public policy matters relevant to the sector.