We are a consulting firm based in Alberta, Canada.   Since 2005, Gigascope Consulting has worked with Nonprofits providing services within their communities, Nonprofit sector support organizations, Foundations, Training Centers, Community Associations, First Nations, and non-governmental organization (NGOs) in Africa and elsewhere.

Gigascope Consultants are experienced specialists with a passion for service that enhances every client’s ability to serve its own community. We provide guidance, resources, and networking opportunities to nonprofits. By creating new relationships and fostering smarter decision-making, Gigascope contributes to positive and lasting community impact.

Our consultants provide expertise and help develop the insight, skills and resources our clients need to both build capacity and adapt to increasing challenges in their communities. Through experienced assessment, coaching and planning assistance, our team works with the nonprofit sector to strengthen its capacity to fulfill its objectives.

We provide a wide array of services which include, among others, strategic planning, program development, grants writing and grant management, organizational assessment, evaluation and organizational learning, and capacity building.

When appropriate, Gigascope utilizes associates from other firms to provide in-depth complementary expertise.

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